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Dularge Speck and Redfish Bite Remain Strong

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Charles Allo was back onboard again with his crew and experienced a trout slam!! Double rigged Matrix Shad went to work early and put a hurt on the big specks. What a great trip for these guys once again, 125 limit. A big ole bull red even ate a Avocado Matrix Shad on the double rig, which made for a great fight and memories. We left them biting, as the last two fish came flying over the gunnel two at a time!!

Long time customer Petey Kern was back onboard the Bluewave today! We started out the morning slinging the big specks in on double rigged Matrix Shad. The box filled quickly until the tide quit, then things slowed to a crawl. We made one move and found a hot bite finishing off our limit of 125 nice specks! Always a good time and limits with this crew. Thanks guys for the continued business. Big thanks to Capt Austin Lacour for running the second boat with James N from Ruston. They slammed the specks also.

Ron Bello’s crew spent the night last night at the lodge and fished today. With the winds up and rain in the forecast, we stayed close and fished reds. Gold spoons went to work as the first red bit quick. The rest were real finicky and came slow. We worked hard and grinded out a good catch. Good times with these guys and we were back before the rain hit. Big thanks to Capt Kevin Labat for running the second boat and Capt Shawn P Whitney for taking care of James Norman on his second day.

I helped out Capt T today with a three boat charter. It was too windy for trout, so we hit the shallow ponds up and spoon fed the reds. Good times with these guys as they picked our limit of pumpkins out the patch all morning. Thanks Capt T for setting it up. Made it back and cleaned fish before the rain.

Day two today with my same crew as yesterday! We tried for trout first thing but found rough dirty water. Turned around and headed for the reds!! They didn’t disappoint, as the bite was better today then yesterday!! We found the reds schooled up and crushing our gold spoons! Four fish did come under the Four Horsemen Tackle corks also. We left the fish biting and Headed in before the heat got too bad!! What a great two days with these guys smashing the reds. Thanks Capt Miller for setting it up.

Capt Marty LaCoste