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8 day Dularge Report

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Incredible day catching our limit of reds with Duke Staples and family. This father, mother and son crew put the hurt on the reds with gold spoons! Only three of our fish today came on fresh bait shrimp. The spoon feeding of the reds continue on!! What a pleasure it was fishing with this family, thanks again. Big thanks to Capt Kevin Labat for taking care of the second boat and putting his crew on a red fish Slamarama! Kevin’s crew had a blast and experienced a fast and Furious Bite. Great team work as always Capt. Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.

Duke Staples and family joined me again today on the Bluewave. We found a slower bite this morning. Every time we thought they were turning on, we would only hook 2-3 in a row. Every fish today came on gold spoons. We hooked 18 with 12 making it to a ice bath in the K2 Coolers. It was a great two days fishing with you, thanks again.

Good customer Floyd Ferrell was back with me today on the Bluewave. These guys love trout...and they didn’t disappoint!! Double rigged Matrix Shad did the trick, as we loaded the boat with 15-20 inch trout. No live bait needed. Always a good time with this crew Big thanks to Capt Jared Broussard for running the second boat. Guys had a blast.

Day two with Floyd Ferrell’s crew from Missouri was just as good as day one! The guys put a awesome catch together on double rigged Matrix Shad. The guys experienced two great days of catching. Thanks Floyd for the continued business, always a pleasure fishing with you. Thanks to Capt Jared Broussard for running the second boat and putting his crew on a great bite.

Slowest day we have had in the last few weeks. Gaiennie Lumber crew found a slow bite all day. Double rigged MatrixShad accounted for all of our fish. Thanks Capt Travis Miller and Kevin Labat for running the other two boats

Marty, Michelle, Kim, and Beau joined me on the Bluewave this day. With the winds up we had to fish protected waters. We found a slow bite and mostly all 11 inch fish. Every stop we caught fish, just didn’t keep many because of the size. We fished trout for a good 4-5 hours then went soak crabs for bull reds. Not one bite fishing several locations, so with the heat rising we took it to the lodge. Good times with this family as they enjoyed reeling in all the fish they caught. Big thanks to Capt Miller for taking care of Lonnie Barrs family, Capt Labat for taking care of Jackie Henderson’s crew, and Capt Hook Broussard for taking care of Lori Smiths crew.

Good customer Ricky Barbara was back onboard the Bluewave today and I was able to bring my oldest son Seth with us. We had a slow start not having a bite the first two hours. I made a move and hit the motherload of reds. It took us 30 minutes to put our 15 fish limit on ice. They ate up our gold spoons like there was no tomorrow!! What a fun time it was. Thanks Ricky for the continued business.

The Lorio’s were back onboard with me today. Today was their first trip with me that we didn’t limit out or near limit out in five plus years!! Yesterday was catching, today was fishing! Tough day as we dodged storms all day working hard to put some reds in the boat. We covered some water but just couldn’t get them to bite good. Long hard day on the pond. Every fish today caught on gold and silver spoons except one on a Green Hornet MatrixShad. Thanks for sticking it out guys, hopefully day two will be better. Thanks Capt Kevin Labat for running the second boat.

Re: 8 day Dularge Report
Great report cap! Thanks for all the years keeping folks up-to-date.