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The good and the bad

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After a few cancellations due to weather I was back for 2 tough days with winds pumping. Thursday it was Doggett’s crew and Friday it was Gaiennie’s crew. Both wanted trout so we had to put our big girl panties on and head south. No shortage of catching with so many 11 inch trout. we have a great crop coming. Finding the keepers were a challenge but with the wind and where we were forced to fish everyone was happy. Thanks Capts Austin and Shawn P for helping me out with the Doggett crew and thanks Capt. Marty for setting up today’s trip with Gaiennie.

Good times on the Bluewave Saturday with Trey Smith’s crew. The winds were up again and the bite started off slow but the guys hung tough and we were able to find them piled up. Thanks Capt. Lonnie Barr for taking care of DJ’s crew.

Capt. Travis Miller
Re: The good and the bad
Thanks again. Looking forward to the winds laying down soon!!!