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Scratching de itch Bayou Lacombe yakking 6 28 19

Been itching to head N up Bayou Lacombe(think I made wise choice based upon conversation I had with Bayou Lacombe regular)and launched yak around 6:10 am after making ice run on Hwy 59(some fool left box of trash at ice facility)and I saw half bag of ice plus someone left me a quarter in coin return,guess my lucky day!!!Started solo yak trip tossing popper with not much to show for it other than feisty small bass that inhaled popper and I let de lil jewel free!!!Switched over to Zoom Speed Worm,JuneBug Red and started pecking away,finishing up with 7 and had two nice bass in de mix and think Bayou Lacombe regular,Forrest Green,sent me some good luck as we crossed paths,lamented the damn Spillway Opening(S),and not long after chatting with him,nabbed fine bass and showed it off to him and his fishing buddy!!!Missed a few with some feeling rather substantial but dat is yak fishing and bass fishing in particular,not always easy to get best hook-set sitting dat low on de water!!Did see a few yikkers and I was headed back as they were heading out.Wanted to nab my limit but tide quit on me around 10:30 and dat was about when I nabbed 7th bass!!!Going with Bayoubob in his new fine flatboat and we may join boat parade E of Bayou Lacombe but hate prospect of getting greeted with 2-3 ft waves and finding nasty water and where I fished,water was gorgeous and with two of us possibly tossing different presentations,who knows,might end up with nice box of fat bass!!!

Re: Scratching de itch Bayou Lacombe yakking 6 28 19
Meant to attach pic with results!!