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Saved by de beard 7 5 19

Had some time on my hands and have a good buddy who not only is a member of the Abita KC's with me but also a Medicare Client and he and I have been wanting to chase some bass,especially in light of all the negativity,rightfully so,regarding the tremendous contaminants present in the MS River and my understanding is that some of those potentially deadly contaminants have half-lives(time it takes for half of the parent compound to disintegrate)of close to 100 years and how ya gonna tell me Lake P fish are 'good' to eat-gimme a break and let's get the Spillway closed pronto and I probably will refrain from consumption of Lake Pontchartrain Basin seafood for possibly the rest of my life,I am that serious about what is swimming in the Lake with over 30 states dumping carcinogens into the MS with zero regard for LA and her residents.Maybe it is time for a class-action lawsuit to rectify the 1929's style engineering that is supposed to protect the Greater NO Area,again gimme a break.Kiss the oysters and fin-fish good bye possibly forever,it is that bad and politics should not prevail over the livelihood of so many La residents who make their living shrimping,commercial fishing,harvesting oysters,etc.Enough of my ranting!!!

Went to where we might not only catch fish but possibly be able to eat what we catch and we launched at 4th St in Covington and started fishing N of the Launch(probably shoulda headed way N where we found tons of bream beds)and my fishing buddy was using fly rod(he got my new Okuma reel set with fine salt water line-probably gonna have to head to Grand Isle or Venice and that may not be far enough away to get away from terrible water).I tried Strike King Sexy Frog,not a single taker and quickly switched over to tried-and-true Zoom Speed Worm,June Bug Red,of course and we covered some water,finally found some fine bream beds in shallow and ultra-clear water and I tossed Zoom Speed Worm to bed,saw the flash of nice bass and he inhaled worm,pt him on ice and sight-casted to another bass and he likewise inhaled worm.My buddy did catch fine bream on popping bug and we managed to snare a bunch of trees and thanks to my beard,I got shielded from the attack of Zoom Speed Worm that was snared on tree branch and I reared back hard to extricate worm and it came right back at me with just enough time to turn somewhat away from worm,it nailed my beard and bounced off but the hook did scratch my face,slightly and I joked with my buddy and being 'saved by de beard'!!Hope to nab a few more freshwater fish,think I will totally refrain from Lady P for very good reason and Delacroix probably aint much better-have heard Hopedale might be worth the drive and Grand Isle way far for my liking but perhaps may be time to hit Gulf vs anything near me,what a sad state of affairs!!!Until folks unite and rally for some changes,I see nothing but dual and possibly triple Spillway Openings and how sad that Morganza not opened because of fear dat it may not be able to be closed-maybe let Mother Nature take her course and route dat water where it should be going anyway!!!
Re: Saved by de beard 7 5 19
Well Said Mandervillian !!! ,Thanks For Your Importantance Of A Crisis That’s Happening In Our Coastal Marshes , Maybe one of our Politicians will take it Serious enough to Invite Some of his colleagues Too come down here and get a First Hand Experience on what it’s doing to Southeast Louisiana Thanks Again 🧙‍♂️