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Three Day Trout Report

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Gordon Johnson and his kids were back with me on the Blue Wave Boats. We found a slow bite all morning long as the fish did not want to bite for us. We switched to plan B for reds and hooked two quick on gold spoons. Thought we had found them, but no others wanted to eat! With the heat rising and my crew needing to get back to Baton Rouge for a soccer game, we headed back to the dock.

Richard Gaiennie with Gaiennie Lumber was back with with his boys. Double rigged Matrix Shad went to work on the trout. The bite was slower then usual, but we had some good runs and ended up with plenty fillets. Great time with these guys as usual. Big thanks to Capt’s Travis Miller and Capt Kevin Labat for running the two other boats. Thank you Chef Leonard Adkins for fixing up the crew with great groceries.

James Matassa and crew jumped onboard the Blue Wave Boats with me and wanted trout! We knew it would be a little choppy, but nothing for the 2400 Purebay. Matrix Shad double rigs went to work as soon as we pulled up. The bite was a little slow for the first 15 minutes or so, then it picked up. We got on several runs of a fast and furious where everyone in the boat was slinging fish in every cast. We were chased in by a storm, so we went see if the reds and bass would bite. We sighted a few reds in the clear water, but they wanted nothing to do with our spoons or Green Hornet. Great time fishing with this crew, thanks again.