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Shout out to Larry de Boat Mechanic(Larry Boesch)

Have to send out huge shout out to a gent that took on the task of total rebuild of lower unit of my Johnson 50 outboard.What had happened to me is I hit underwater obstruction Katrina year,had second-hand lower unit installed and it started giving me issues and finally decided to get lower unit completely rebuilt and from what I understand,lotta boat mechanics would rather swap out lower units and I certainly considered that route but figured why take the chance and one of my duck-hunting 'Mafia' just so happened to run into his favorite mechanic while he and I were coming back from a fishing trip.Turns out we were pulling into Academy Covington parking lot and he saw Larry Boesch,his favorite marine mechanic and funny but 100% true story here-my buddy had changed all four plugs on his fine Yamaha 4-stroke 90 HP and it ran rough and I suggested perhaps he did not properly gap plugs and when we saw Larry and his wife in parking lot,we told him,just so happens Larry had all his tools with him and my buddy did not have all four plug wires securely attached and some were loose and he tightened plugs,securely attached all four plug wires and dat 90 runs like brand-new!!!I decided to ask Larry if he would be interested in rebuilding my lower unit and he was more than accommodating,I assisted in removal and few days ago he reinstalled lower unit,came back yesterday,adjusted carbs,put in new throttle parts that were not allowing wide-open throttle and de ole Johnson runs extremely well,lower unit as tight as brand new unit and price tag was about half what a new lower unit would run.Feel blessed to have happenstance met Larry(985)789-4572 and he said he has all the certifications required to work anywhere,any boat dealer,etc and wanted to send shout-out to him and personally thank him!!!


P.S. Can't wait til TS Barry finishes up what he started and maybe we might catch some decent fish!