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A Blind Thank You

I lost my wallet today, with too much cash in it.

After an hour of searching my home, my garage, my truck, my driveway,

I called the last place I had purchased something, Academy on Clearview.

The lady at Academy said, yes, a gentleman had turned in the wallet.

Everything was still in the wallet.
After generously thanking the Academy lady, she said the man who turned in the walled did not leave his name.

Thank you, Sir.

Good men still walk among us.
Re: A Blind Thank You
And thank the Academy employee they are hard to find now days.
Re: A Blind Thank You
That reaffirms my belief that they are plenty of honest folks out there-lost my wallet about year ago think during teal season and just happened to call last place I stopped,Mande Bay gas station in Mandeville,and an honest individual turned in my wallet,along with my cherished money clip(my Mom had it specially made using ole English Initials-I am a Jr and these Gold Initials were my dad's)and I am pretty sure,though not 100% sure I knew who found wallet.This wallet was in ziplock bag(Boy Scout trick to waterproof wallet with hunting licenses,etc).Not 100% sure but think it was turned in my Gary Knecht(not sure I spelled his name correctly)-he and I were in same business,Pharmaceuticals,and think he was arriving at gas station about same time I was leaving!!!