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Great Three days Busting the Specks

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I helped out Capt T today with a two man crew. First cast had one of the guys reeling in a double. I didn’t want to get too excited at first, but the fish kept coming! Double rigged Matrix Shad went to work and the trout finally cooperated and bit. We had a good run then got ran off by a storm. Our second stop had a trout coming in on the first cast again, then it started raining and off we went. Our third stop we stuck it out and had a good bite. We let the rain pass over us and kept catching. Great day with these guys. Thanks Capt T Miller for setting it up.

Day one with my Inolect crew found the trout thick as can be!! Fast and furious every cast action on double rigged Matrix Shad lures. Every cast action from the time we pulled up to the time we left them biting. Good as it gets and we even beat the heat. Always a blast fishing with these guys. Thanks Lonnie Barr for the continued business and friendship over the last 12 years. Big thanks to Capt T Miller, A LaCour, and K Labat for running the other boats and Shawn P for all the awesome food!

Day two with Inolect was another great success. We didn’t have as good of a day as yesterday with a full limit of specks, but still ended up getting on a every cast bite on double rigged Matrix Shad. The white trout were thicker today and when the specks quit biting it was white trout two at a time. We could have sunk the boat with them but only kept 40 and threw back about 100. Pictured is my crew and my crew and Capt Elton’s crew together (2 of our four boats catch). What a awesome weekend for these guys and everyone is going homeLoaded down with trout fillets!! Thanks Lonnie Barr for all you do.

Big thanks to Capt T Miller, K Labat, E Rodrigue for running the other boats. Everyone got on a good bite. Shawn P Whitney had fried ribs and red beans cooked up for lunch upon our return. What a treat all the customers had the last couple days!!