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Anybody want a fishing partner this week or next?

Hey all!

Just wondering if anyone out there is going fishing this Friday or weekend or next Thursday, Friday, or weekend and is looking for a new fishing partner for a day. I absolutely love fishing, but I don't currently have a boat, and there are just a limited number of places that you can bank fish in south Louisiana.

I've actually met some great folks on here and made a few trips to fish for specks in Pontchartrain with one gentleman and a few others with a guy and his son to fish for reds in the grass near Shell Beach.

I'm mainly a bass fisherman, but I'm game for whatever type of fishing that you're up for -- Bass, sac-a-lait/bream, specks, reds. I'm just happy getting out on the water and be catching some fish.

I'd like to say that I'm reasonably decent company. I'm happy to help pay for gas/oil, and I promise to tell anyone who asks that you caught way more fish than I did.

Anyhow, some may think its crazy to ask, but I've had some really enjoyable fishing days with guys I've met on LA Sportsman, so I figured it would be worth a try.

All the best! Have a good one!

Call me 504-915-4896 cell

Stanley FInk (aka Oneofthepack)
Thanks for reaching out, Stanley. I sent you a quick text just to see when you were thinking about going out. Been meaning to follow up with a call, but I've been getting off work late this week and didn't want to call you too late.. I'll try to give you a call this evening.

Hope you're doing well. Have a good one!