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Beware of Gators

Went this morning for a little catch and release day and a bonus of some crabbing , I seen some really big gators today , please don’t make the mistake of taking your dog out there, already saw one mud boat heading down the road with dog carrier in his boat , not something I would do , besides that I didn’t see any teal at all ! 🧙‍♂️
Re: Beware of Gators
Thanks,Wiz,for your sage advice about Reggio ducks and teal-Buddy and I yet to spot any appreciable flocks of teal on NShore but know of spot that takes Herculean effort to get to(pristine freshwater marsh ALWAYS loaded with ducks,mostly mallards and woodies with fair amount of teal coming and going)and with high water,might be worth the monster paddle to access-tough to do when air temps getting up there around 90's or so and better pack plenty water,DEET,Thermocell,etc!!!Saw huge dead gator in Lady P on my last redfish trip and looked like he pulled hook outta marsh and drowned-this was about 8ft gator,what a waste!!!Thanks,as always and can't wait to hear from Medicare Clients headed to Ozarks area we just came home from!!!