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Finally-a Teal 9 28 19

De Nuck and Futz duckbusters decided a change of venue with respect to teal hunting was in order but ole Lady P was NOT in a kind mood today(shoulda suspected SSE winds that were not supposed to be that brisk but turned out to be brisk)and when we hit mouth of Bayou Lacombe,rollers were greeting us and we quickly changed plans and hit an area that I somewhat cut my duck-hunting teeth on and heard few shots,finally had small flock of three blue wing rockets 'invade' our space and my doggone shooting was tad rusty but wingman,Nuck,cashed in with one shot and other two rockets evaded us!!!Did chat with Lake P regular and his girlfriend and hoping to switch from non-existent teal to possibly a few reds willing to chase one of the absolute killer baits I have stumbled upon,Bomber Spinner bait and possibly hit some MirroDines!!!Thanked this gent and his girlfriend and might be lucky enough to get invited to Tensas Parish to chase some greenheads and possibly deer!!!Hope to scope out my local deer club(got fine Browning Strike Force Game Cam)and hope to capture some of dat herd of deer I have been fattening up last few years!!!Ole camera probably no longer worth fooling with and doubles warranty from manufacturer!!!Hope Browning been nabbing nice pics of my deer herd!!!One more teal hunt then shifting gears to chasing very elusive deer and very cooperative reds crushing Bombers like no tomorrow,no need to use anything else!!!