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Tree Rat Hunt Opening Day 10 5 19

Hate to miss Opening Day of Tree Rat Season and today was no exception,wish the tree rats woulda cooperated,though I did have two decent opportunities and one was a point blank shot,thankfully I did not take it as pretty sure this tree rat woulda been obliterated!!!The Feds did us a monster favor and musta taken backhoe down well-established path and with their recent clearing activity,was nice to be able to stalk tree rats from this path.Spotted probably 5 today with only two offering decent chances and did drop first and he musta had tad of life left as I saw him fall,went to where he fell and could not locate him.Did spook at least two hogs on my long(probably 4 miles total)walk in fine set of woods.Saw fair amount of deer tracks and kinda surprised I did not run across any bow hunters.Heard a decent amount of shooting but only well after about 9 and found great spots for future trips with tons of cuttings.Gonna hit some of these spots possibly mid-week when hunting pressure much lighter!!!