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Trout are officially back!!

Lake Pontchartrain by the Rigolets. Live shrimp under popping cork. They are spread out and have to weed through some throw backs but they are there. Tons of bait everywhere, mullet and pogies jumping all over.
Re: Trout are officially back!!
Last Cast,Now that the seal has been broken,feel it may be safe for me to let ya know I got pic from an anonymous Lake P expert and they HAMMERED huge specks with hard plastics tossed near grass beds.Just yesterday,me and a Medicare Client only managed one big speck but caught quite a few 'dinks' and pretty confident we coulda moved tad E of the boat armada and possibly caught a few keepers.Did see a guy and his wife CONSISTENTLY use their net most likely to hoist plenty big specks tad close to home for me!!!The pic this gent sent me tells it all and the specks in his pic are logs,probably averaging 2-2.5 lbs each!Congrats on nice catch and I am not a life bait tosser and enjoy finesse fishing and check out MirroDines,ya just might be caught just like dem specks!!!