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Great 2 day trout bite

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I had Bryan Stewart and Sammy with me on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday we had a front come thru about an hour into our day and shut down the trout bite for maybe 15-20 minutes and then the fish were back mainly hitting our Shrimp Creole Matrix under a cork but we did have a little run on the double rigs. It took a few stops for the trout and then we switched gears looking for reds. We put a few on ice with some big sheepshead before calling it quits. Thursday we had post front conditions and with the water falling hard we hit some birds in a protected bayou and finished it off on a tide line. We went in search for some reds but mainly found throwbacks before calling it a day.

Capt. Travis Miller
Re: Great 2 day trout bite
Capt T ,very nice to see!!