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Youth Hunt-Delacroix Duck Hunts

I had the opportunity to take two youths out for a hunt on Sunday of the Youth Weekend. Mitchell and Blake finished the morning with 8 Teal and each added their first ever Mottled duck to the strap. We had pretty good action throughout the morning also spotting a few greys, some redheads and a couple large flocks of divers. It’s enjoyable to hunt with the future of our great pastime. These boys cherish the whole process of the hunt, from preparation to processing the ducks into food. The marsh and feed situation looks great and we would hold ducks all season as they continue to migrate with the cold fronts and shorter days ahead. If you are interested in getting in on the action this season I still have some weekend and weekday openings. As we approach the regular season opener this Saturday, good luck to all and please stay safe on the water.


Delacroix Duck Hunts


Proud Pop(Scott),I almost shot ya a text and ya saved me from doing dat-awesome,awesome,even more awesome!!!Mottled ducks always a trophy and certainly those mottled ducks taste great!!Thanks for sharing those pics and posting results!!

   Proud Pop
I’m very optimistic about the season. We have the feed this year to keep the ducks around. If they continue to show up with the fronts we should have a great season down here. Good luck to all and stay safe on the water!