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Opening Weekend Duck Report

Date Hunted 11/9/2019:

With perfect conditions for an opening day duck hunt 3 boats left the camp. NE wind about 12mph water at a decent height we were ready to hit the marsh. Only thing and most important concern to me as we were going to the blinds was the aerial survey of the third fewest ducks on survey since 1968. Well, turns out that is a very important fact despite other circumstances being ideal.

My blind shot 4 ducks. Two other blinds shot a total of 14 ducks. Those numbers are the least I can remember for an opening day ever for me. It was sad. We only had three opportunities to shoot ducks. The other part of the morning was filled with looking at mostly empty skies.

Despite the lack of ducks I was able to enjoy a nice day with my son and his friend in the marsh. First hunt he and I have been able to make in three years because of his military service. And, TIGERS win! Other than the ducks it was a great day.

Date Hunted 11/10/2019:

Three boats left the camp with calm conditions. Set up in the same place as I was thinking could it possibly be bad two days in a row? Usually the day after opening day is not so good but we actually saw more ducks in our pond. We shot 5 ducks for the day 2 greys, 2 dosgris and a spooney. Had a good chance at eight greys but missed and a good shot a 5 teal. Other boat shot 4 ducks and third boat shot 3.

That is the fish and game report for the weekend, and I am one perplexed duck hunter. Will see how it goes for future hunts.
Re: Opening Weekend Duck Report
Delta, As ya stated perfect conditions and how about them Tigers on Bama home turf with the win, go Coach O!!!! On our end like you said perfect conditions water level is holding, grass beds in all ponds, no issues with routs in, even seeing coot around the lease early this year. I'm optimistic with this early artic blast headed down making a push but for us it's a double edge sword when the NW wind the starts howling the water level says see ya! But as soon as it's runnable again we'll be back at it. Just hope winter keeps making it's appearance thru out the season to keep the migration moving our way.