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Ole Chapman Ready for Duck Season 2019-2020

Sounds and looks like SELA off to great start,for the most part,and just a hunch that a few factors are involved, mainly awesome habitat conditions(have had that for many years where I hunt),and extremely frigid early weather N and W of us,coupled with the flooding which either delayed or totally eliminated planting of crops(obviously crops that were NEVER intended for human consumption-flooded for ducks,no doubt),and the monster fronts barreling down our way!!!Have seen and heard too many glorious reports to discount those influences and just wanted to attach pic of my antique Chapman,ready to roll wit her new war paint!!Bayoubob and I hope to possibly cash in on what may be decent chances in Pubic Land in Coastal Zone and hope the strong N and NNE and NW winds do not blow all the water outta area we plan to hunt this Wed.Hope all LA duck hunters manage to bag some birds this season!!!