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Anyone Chasing Dem Ducks Tomorrow

Did not get home from Ponchatoula Wal Mart til bout 6:30 pm after very productive stint at kiosk Wifey and I man every Medicare Enrollment Period and had to take short ride to Cane Bayou Launch,water level predictably very low but not anywhere near lowest point we typically see late season and had to load up Chapmans and pick bunch of citrus(grapefruits,mostly)to save em from predicted frost.Mother Nature cooperating very nicely this duck season,finally!Texted my wingman,Bayoubob,and he checked Irish Bayou on his way home from work and he advised Irish Bayou levels kinda low but doable,just like Cane Bayou levels.One thing I certainly have learned from many hunts with low water levels,ducks tend to concentrate in ponds as opposed to being scattered all over flooded marsh,definitely leading to potential 'target-rich' environment tomorrow,at least whatever waterfowl got blasted away Opening Weekend might have been more than replaced with migraters!!!Hope we at least see a few and buddy of mine hunted probably not that far from where we plan to hunt and all dey managed was two teal and think 8 coots!!!