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4 Ducks For The Day

Date Hunted 11/15/2019:

Solo hunt this morning. Water was on the high side with a real nice north wind about 15mph temperature 45 degrees. Real nice morning for a duck hunt except for the sunny skies. Put out three dozen decoys with two spinners. I had two solo dosgris come in early and I took care of those. Sat and waited for the next hour and forty five minutes and didn't fire a shot. No ducks in the sky. Picked up the decoys and traveled to another property and set up a dozen decoys no spinner. Nice flock of teal came close enough and I got two out of it.

I had some greys work me a little bit but I was not covered up enough because of the boat and they were spooked and eased out. That will be fixed for the next time.

We will be back at it tomorrow to see how it goes.
Re: 4 Ducks For The Day
Good luck and hope for better results tomorrow,gonna be fishing and hope to spot a few ducks while out fishing.Planning a Venice trip as soon as possible and have seen and heard some outstanding reports from down here-want to finally get trophy pintail for the wall to go along with nice greenhead and true black duck.