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Delta Waterfowl Article Winter 2019

Have been hearing some great reports,not from everyone hunting the Delacroix Marsh,and also some more than incredible reports from some folks doing the Public/Federal Land type hunts and I am not blessed to have a Delacroix lease and love my Public/Federal land hunts for not only some incredibly vast pieces of property to hunt but for the shear challenge afforded.It definitely takes much more stealth and skill to succed,on a consistent basis,hunting Federal/Public lands but for just the price of extra effort and blinding up better than anyone else,calling effectively,setting up ultra-realistic spread and making sure to get away from pressured areas,pay-off can be more than unbelievable!!!Hope ole Arkansas freezes up like she did a few years back and we were more than blessed with true trophies,including huge canvasbacks and greenheads like flooded Arkansas timber would hold.I keep wanting to tag along Go-Pro this year and might do that just would be extra step but might make some folks believers in what this state has to offer for anyone willing to pay de price for what is free,free,free!!!Delta Waterfowl had great article extolling the virtues of hunting Public Lands and I absolutely love hunting Federal/Public and from the reports I have seen plus my own limited(one hunt)experience,this may be an epic year.As long as Mother Nature keeps cooperating and Public/Federal Land warriors respect their fellow hunters and do not crowd each other,might just surprise lotta folks out there.I have two true trophies from Federal Land and looking for a few more to add to de wall!!