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Zigged when we shoulda zagged 11 28 19

Kinda a tradition to make relatively brief Thanksgiving am duck hunt and de Nuck,Futz,Gerard Duck Busters had a game plan(too bad others had pretty much same game plan)and we learned a valuable lesson or two.Number One-NEVER abandon a spot known to produce ducks(last Sat and this Wed)and NEVER hunt anywhere near Community Spots,unless it is mid-week and AFTER as opposed to BEFORE Thanksgiving!!!Had choice to make and shoulda stayed in our producing spots vs trying a spot that USED to have plenty ducks.Guess it did NOT help dat we had a hunter paddle no more than maybe 70 yards to our E and set up,never a good idea,and it also did not help that there were hunters probably way too close to each other !!Struck out miserably yesterday,none of us firing a shot,though we coulda mauled coot colonies.Did have three greys about to head right for our big decoy spread but very near-by shots rang out,ruining that golden opportunity and he spotted small flock of greenwings,5 in flock,but they decided they were not interested in plastic parade in front of us.Did chat with at least 3 sets of hunters,all with miserable results and told my hunting partners to high-jack my Southfork if I EVER head back to where we USED to whack and stack fat greys and mallards!!!Enjoyed feasting on Falcons,gotta tighten up onsides kick attempts!!!Hope all enjoyed time with family and friends-was gonna seek T-Funky slabs today but opted for working around house with numerous chores and NOT heading back to yesterday's joke of a hunt spot!!!Saw ton of scaup on Lady P,gonna rename her Lake Dos Gris!!