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Nuck and Futz NShore Marsh 12 7 19

De Nuck and Futz Duck Busters did one last First Split hunt,not going tomorrow(total waste of time)and all we managed was two hen scaup and had close encounters with mottled ducks!!!Saw bunch of teal on our way to ponds,probably shoulda hunted pond where we spotted dem rockets!!!Sorry season so far and glad to be taking hiatus tomorrow and ran into another NShore Marsh die-hard while gassing up de Southfork and he likewise was lamenting a sorry duck season,used to pound out plenty of greys not that far S of one my ole-time spots but dat area seems like a duck desert.Make 61 next Wed and treating self to solo fishing trip(some of my best Lady P trips are solo trips)gonna check wind and tide prediction and if Lady P aint in de cards,just might opt for tasty T-Funky slabs!!!Good luck to all de duck hunters!!