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Video From First Split

This is some video from the first split of 2019. What I have on film is from one of our 3 man blinds in a big open pond on our lease. As you all know it has been a very slow first split. In the past a video like this could be done from the action of one weekend. Now it takes the whole split to get what I have. Hopefully we will have a better second split.
Re: Video From First Split
Yep,Delta,slow is the operative word.This is the first year that I can recall where there is this short of a break between First and Second Split as far as E Zone is concerned.Was nice to give whatever ducks we had hanging around a short break to give them a respite from hunting pressure but this aint happening this year,not sure if good or bad but hope springs eternal and heading back out this Sat,Sun debate continues-is it worth the time and effort!!!Just chatted with buddy of mine who smoked the specks on Trestles recently and freezer mighty empty-very few GOOD ducks,bunch of trash like scaup and spoonies and waiting to get duck report from buddy of mine who just getting back from NArkansas mallard trip,judging by the emoji he sent me,seems like NArkansas trip a total bummer,bummer,more of a bummer.Guess we need to lower our expectations to the lowest of the low,hope for decent showings of ducks and at least where I hunt,woodies and mallards may become my targeted species,hope Arkansas freezes up PRONTO!!!Nice video,love that blind!!!