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Third Time de Charm-Honey Island Woodie Hunt 12 24 19

First things first,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!Had a great time hitting Honey Island Swamp early yesterday am,typical scenario unfolded plus somewhat unfortunate but workable situation occurred.What has been typical has been for me to arrive early and wait outside entrance to Swamp and chat with or meet hunters that arrive just after me and we enter right at 4:00 am and get situated in our respective spots.What transpired yesterday and what I am NOT gonna tolerate is mud boat jockey showing up well after folks comfortably and SAFELY spaced apart and hitting these 'hunters' with Q beam and having them attempt to set up not more than 50-70 yards away!!Guy yesterday apparently mistaken took my Q beam to mean come over and get in the blind with me!!!I yelled out to this group of hunters that they were entirely too close and that they had PLENTY of pond to maneuver to,even after this guy tried to convince me that they would draw ducks to me-I wanted to say dey only thing ya gonna draw to me is gonna be steel pellets,not wood ducks!!!Thank God they obliged and moved well away from me.Only took one shot at wood duck missile and failed to connect but said short prayer and beautiful drake came right in busted him and brought him home with me and they young guns I met while waiting to enter managed to get 4,think they dropped 6 but were still searching as I left Swamp,one fine drake in hand.Gonna deer hunt tomorrow and back at woodies most likely rest of this miserable Marsh duck season!!!Hope Santa was great to everyone-Wifey and I exchanging gifts later today and we spent the night in Kenner at my mom's and just got back from Christmas Day Mass-Jesus is reason for Season!!!