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Honey Island Woodie Hunt-Lagniappe Tree Rat 12 27 19

Was supposed to have dense fog this am,guess de weather folks wrong this time,not such a bad thing!!!Got to Honey Island Swamp well before 4:00 am legal entrance time and waited til right at 4:00 am to enter,not sure where the woodies went but know why I had de pond to my lonesome-somebody failed to shoot me text/e-mail,etc.No worries as I intended to hit a few nice oaks hoping to ambush some tree rats and was able to stalk one-dropped it in its tracks and spooked another nearby tree rat in process.Bayoubob texted me wanting to hit Big Branch tomorrow,gonna head back to same pond tomorrow,hoping for better results and being a week end,no doubt might have a few hunters chasing tasty and extremely agile woodies.Got home just in time to catch Santa Fed Ex delivering ultra-fine set of Lacrosse waders,possibly the finest pair of waders I have ever had!Think I will wait til possibly mid-week to hit Big Branch,she has been such a no-fly zone,at least for greys and when de bread-n-butter duck non-existent,why bother til Arkansas hopefully freezes up,though probably no time soon.Wifey headed to 11:00 Medicare Client meeting in Madisonville and we have three in Tangi today,starting at 1:30pm.Santa also brought me very fine solar-powered wireless charging station,very nice to have in deer stand/duck blind/fishing boat to make sure I-Phone NEVER loses full charge!!!Have scuba-type ultra-waterproof lockable container to store wallet,cell phone,solar-powered wireless charger and will be putting items to great use often.Can't wait til Honey Island Swamp mud bugs active-they are fat and incredibly great to eat and hope they are plentiful-have over 50 hand-made deepwater nets,essential for dat Swamp!!!Gotta catch some dem Wiz's specks and use dey carcasses for bait!!!