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Second Split Weekend 2

Lease Report:

Friday: Two Hunters ( I didn't hunt this day), Gray misty day 12 Teal all Blues. Saturday: 3 Hunters, another Gray Misty Day, 15 Teal, Should have had the limit, 3 lost, all Blues one full dressed Green Wing Drake. What was seen: A good number of teal flying and few big ducks flying around couple of 3' gators out with the warm up chased a few birds up on the way back to the launch. Friends hunting this morning I had to skip today, I'll try on Monday if the water holds up.
Did see small gator yesterday,probably all of maybe 18 inches long,guess the warm-up woke up few gators.At least yall shooting something other than scaup and not even sure where all the Lady P scaup went to!!!Nice hunts,there!!