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Far Fewer Honey Island Woodies 1 8 2020

Had great idea,tagging along small light-weight yak and tossing out few Woodie decoys in fine Honey Island slough,trouble was I somehow FORGOT decoys and did not realize it til we got to slough!!!Not a big deal since woodies seemed to fly right to this slough,decoys or no decoys!!!Me and diehard duck hunter/fisherman/Medicare Client got set up well before shooting time and even had luxury of having fine lil yak for possible retrieves and there was slight ground fog,not sure if dat influenced flight plans of Honey Island woodies but we saw and heard very few woodies,really had ONLY one decent shooting opportunity that unfortunately we did NOT cash in on,me getting only one shot and my hunting buddy was unable to fire a round at de acrobatic woodies!!!Gotta pounce on whatever chances we get and today not a good day,unfortunately!!!We did head to our deer club,I swapped out SD card and have fair amount of deer activity on food plot,need to cash in on THOSE opportunities,season ending soon and been tough duck and deer seasons!!!