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Plastic don’t need no bait !’!’

Went this morning, winds were up , weather channel lied !! 5-10 was more like 15-20 , well you just got to make the best of it , found a point out of the winds , using a ole top water plug got on a nice bite , trout kept missing my hooks had some great blow ups picking up a few, I switched to a mullet wake bait and improved the odds , keeping 7 trout for tomorrow’s lunch , letting go the rest, just nice too be on the water 🧙‍♂️🎣
Re: Plastic don’t need no bait !’!’
Wiz,Thanks again for lighting a fire under me regarding chasing something other than non-existent ducks,for the most part.Got em yesterday and hope ya got pics of Bayoubob(Nick,Nuck,etc)and de Ole Mandevillian(Futz,etc)!!!We thoroughly enjoyed de NShore Marsh hunt yesterday,had de right set of conditions with perfect winds,water levels,etc and we heard variety of duck species quacking up a storm and dummy me left calls and Thermocell in backpack I tote in to Honey Island Swamp for woodies!!!Guess I did NOT need em afterall!!!Hope me,Dane,Buddy can chase some Trestles hammers this Wed/Th and hope Pearl,MS Bass Pro might have nice supply of Fin-S soft plastics-CAN'T find em locally,probably good thing as just like ya customized lures,tossing something different combats 'lure fatigue' and ask any bass pro-dey love tossing something slightly or totally different than every other angler.Money won via successful tourneys dictates what dem folks toss and why NOT toss something other than 99% of other folks!!!