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Magic Erasers-Awesome lil cleaning machines

I realize this does not belong here but lotta folks might not see it tucked away in area that might not get too much viewing traffic.Had season's worth of grime,mud,gunk,etc caked onto the Grizzly Grip finish of ole SouthFork and I decided to try a suggestion Wifey gave me-try wetting the debris with water and mix up Dawn dishwater detergent then use Magic Erasers to scrub the entire affected surfaces,rinse and repeat if needed.I wished I had taken a before pic but Bayoubob can certainly vouch for how dirty de ole SouthFork was after yet another mud hunt in NShore Marsh.I use these Magic Erasers religiously and trust me,dey work along with a little effort and Dawn dishwasher detergent.She looks just like I freshly painted her!!!