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Tough fishing conditions

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Day one with new customer Warren Saucier was tough, we slept in late and let the rain pass then headed out. High winds, zero tide, dirty water is what we found. We started the morning off looking for clean water and found a few spots, but only a handful of trout hit the deck. We switched to plan B, and even the bay snapper played hard to get. Even though it was tough fishing, my crew understood and had a blast being out on the water. As they put it “a bad day fishing, is better then a good day at work!!!”. Great time with these guys.

Day two with Warren Saucier and crew from North La found the wind worse then day one. We made four stops for trout, then went to plan B. We found a little better bite then the previous day. Tough conditions out there, but we still made it fun and had a great time. I look forward to these guys return.