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Honey Island Tree Rat Trip 2 8 2020

Suspected Pearl River WMA would be open,based upon a check of the USGS data,Pearl River Gauge at Pearl River(roughly 14.5 ft)and I was not expecting Oil Well Road to be closed to vehicular traffic,no big deal,Plan B took over and I texted de Wizard7 dat I had de woods to myself(wrong!!!).Guess my early start got me into woods well before dog hunters released de hounds and I did spot two tree rats and not able to connect(somewhat long-range-knowing what I now know will have Ruger lever-action .22 mag rifle-scoped of course).Was stalking tree rats,all the while hearing dem hounds seeming to be baying up some hogs and I got behind nice oak,saw fine solid-black big hog come right my way,saw me raise Beretta(had I had .22 mag,dead hog)and I did NOT blast as I had steel#4(Big Branch squirrel shot)and not long after,fired at much smaller solid-black hog,know damn well he was hit but he made no noise and cruised as fast as his short legs could take him.Got to my vehicle and there must have been at least 5 pick-ups behind me,thankfully had enough room to back out my vehicle.Hit another spot,spotted huge hog and he either winded me or heard me and all I got was glimpse of his thick back!!Did hear few shotgun blasts from presumably dog hunters and next trip will have .22 mag rifle!!