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Sheepshead Meat Haul in Shell Beach

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Probably the most underrated fish on the Gulf Coast is the sheepshead, also known as the bay snapper. Using live or dead shrimp as bait, you can catch an unlimited supply of these fish. They are voracious eaters too. When they are turned on, they are every bit as aggressive as redfish.

Every year in February, the sheepshead start their spawning period. This means they are bunched up and doing their thing for a while. I like to target them this time of year and put my customers on the ultimate meat haul experience. The fishing action is as fast as you can get a bait out. As soon as you drop your shrimp down, you have a sheepshead on the line. It's a real fun time. I highly suggest this trip for anyone who is new to fishing. They will be hooked for life!

The great thing about coming on a sheepshead meat haul trip with me is that you don?t have to do any of the dirty work. When we get back to the dock after your trip, you can relax and enjoy a cold beer while I clean all of those sheepshead. Many people say that they are too hard to clean but that doesn't scare me. I've been doing this for so long, it's second nature. Personally, I think sheepshead are a delicious fish and I have all the right knives to get them cleaned up and packed up for my customers.

The sheepshead run should last into March. I highly suggest you come check out a sheepshead meat haul and see what it?s all about.

If you would like to book a hunt or schedule a fishing trip you can contact me, Capt. Jimmy Corley by phone at (504) 258-4431 or by email at Also you can check out our website at��Don?t forget we have lodging available if needed. WATERFOWL SPECIALIST GUIDE SERVICE SHOOTS DUCKS AND CATCHES FISH GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!
Re: Sheepshead Meat Haul in Shell Beach
that pic is so 1980's. Just like the specs, redfish, tuna, lemon fish, amberjack, et al use to be.