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Still Catching Redfish

Friday I posted we were going to try to catch some fish Saturday. Two of us went out yesterday morning with gold spoons, spinner baits and last resort back up bait. Went strait to the honey hole threw the gold spoons, no hits. Tried the spinner bait, nothing. On the way down to the camp I bought some dead shrimp. 1/4 jig head on the bottom with shrimp did the trick.
Re: Still Catching Redfish
Nice reds,de wise ole Wizard7 always kids me bout my use of Bomber spinner baits,tried gold spoons but did not like the feel,maybe takes some getting used to it but LOVE the action imparted by Bombers and neat thing is easy to swap out soft plastic and my feeling is with Bombers,reds get two different presentations,one the gold spinner blade and the other possibly scented soft plastic.He tried his best last year,think around June,to get me to swap over to gold spoon,tried it for at least 10 casts and swapped over to Bomber and wham,reds nailed Bomber!!!Good eats,there,congrats!!