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Who needs bait, Not Me !!!!!

Last night I looked over my fishing log , and picked a spot that’s usually full of big trout, got out water was cloudy but high . Water was falling, so I headed too my spot , using hard plastic the bite was on ! Catching some nice big girls that I released to fight another day, left my spot and headed for another spot that’s good for perfect size trout for frying keeping 7 trout 13-14 inches and played around catching a releasing trout for the better of the morning . Was a excellent day to be on the water. 🧙‍♂️🎣
Re: Who needs bait, Not Me !!!!!
Wiz,Ya killin' us with all dem nice fish-got serious executive decision to make-drive to de St.Bernard area and fight dirty water OR fish the funky T-Funky and get dem sacs excited bout dem ultra-fine Lunker City Magic lures!!!Think Buddy and I gonna chase some T-Funky sacs tomorrow and wait a tad before making de long haul from Mandeville to St.Bernard!!!Happy Mardi Gras and don't eat too many MudBugs tomorrow!!