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Hog hunting permission

Good day every one. I recently moved down here from Wisconsin to the baton rouge area. Well needless to say I had hog land permission to hunt on but the land owners are bickering about other things so I am pulling myself out of situation. I am looking for some land owners permission to try to get a few hogs with my family who is coming down for vacation. Going to be 5 people at most all avid hunters and very respectful of land and guidelines set by land owners. Will be willing to travel statewide to have a chance to hunt hogs with the family. Any recommendations or potential contacts will be greatly appreciated. I believe in a face to face meeting and a handshake so no he said she said responses please. Thanks again for everyone's time.
As a public land owner, i give you permission to take them to Sherburne WMA and shoot every pig you see.
Look at Richard K. Yancey WMA....70,000 acres loaded with hogs and all public.
Feral hogs may be taken during any legal
hunting season on WMAs by properly
licensed and/or permitted hunters bearing a
license and gear legal for specified seasons
in progress, EXCEPT take of hogs is prohibited during nighttime raccoon seasons.
Hogs may not be taken with the aid of dogs,
EXCEPT feral hogs may be taken with the aid
of dogs during the month of February on
Attakapas, Bodcau, Clear Creek, Little River,
Pearl River, Sabine, Sabine Island, West Bay,
and that portion of Dewey W. Wills north of
the Catahoula Lake Diversion Canal by selfclearing permit. During this February dog
season, all hogs must be killed immediately
and may not be transported live under any
conditions, and hunters may use centerfire
pistols in addition to using guns allowed for
season in progress. In addition, feral hogs
may be taken on Atchafalaya Delta, Pass-aLoutre, Pointe-aux-Chenes and Salvador/
Timken WMAs from Feb. 16 - March 31 with
archery gear, shotguns loaded with buckshot or slugs or rimfire rifles no larger than
.22 caliber. Additional requirements may be
specified under individual WMAs.
This is from LDWF hunting regulations booklet page 75.
Richard Yancey is completely underwater at this time as are the other wma's around that part of the country