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Clear Creek WMA Turkey Hunt

Has anyone had any luck with the Clear Creek WMA Turkey Draw? I got drawn this year, and have never been down there and was seeing if anyone out there had any tips on locations of birds in the past or anything about the layout of the land. Anything is appreciated. Thanks guys.
Haven’t hunted Clear Creek in 3 seasons. They had a good turkey population in there and I would recommend getting a good map of the area and spend some time pre-scouting. Ride the roads and you will see turkeys most anytime of the day. Check areas that have good stands of timber along the creeks as this is where you will find most turkeys will roost. Walk the non-travel roads and pipelines. I have always found good turkey sign in there. Just be prepared to have several backup plans when you have several hunters in the same area. I’ve found some very good bugging and dusting areas along the newest clear cuts. These birds get hunted hard and become call weary quick. I’ve had better luck mid to late afternoon in known roosting areas just setting up and making soft calls.
Good Luck