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Don't get me wrong , I have nothing against a sheephead but when that's a guides bread and butter it just reinforces what wlf tells us about the trout fishery.....Something needs to be done....
bullcoon,Quite a few years ago,maybe back as far as 2003 or so,I was extremely fortunate enough to be able to take clients,mostly physicians,on guided trips,compliments of the Pharmaceutical Industry and we used the best guides out there and never will forget one guide in particular,down in Lafitte.They did not use live bait,not an issue with me ever,but the reds were just not either cooperating or they were just not there but instead the black drum were out in full force,perfect specimens under about 24 inches and this guide was right on track with his assessment that puppy drum were every bit as good,if not a tad sweeter than reds and that was exactly my experience.Guess fast-forward to now and with the speck population not being what it needs to be for sustained fishing at current levels,guess what-other species getting caught and yep sheepshead may not be a glamorous fish but excellent table fare kinda like the black drum vs red drum.Supposedly they are incredibly prolific spawners so over-fishing should not be an issue but time will tell.Supposedly flounders are in somewhat short supply---hmmmm wonder if dem menhaden boats destroying plenty of specks,reds,FLOUNDERS,black drum,etc got ANY thing to do with it-bet ya bottom dollar menhaden fisheries destroying way more than what we have even a remote chance of catching and I have YET to receive reply from LAWLF regarding not only my e-mail but that of CCAguns'!!!Chew on dat for a while and guess what-think we found the culprit but deep pockets lobbyist efforts protecting dat destructive industry!!!

Mandevillian,might have to change my nickname to Madvillian!!!
Guides catching sheep head this time of year is nothing new. Guides need something easy and straight forward because most tourist or novice fisherman can't tight line.
bullcoon, way wrong, it's what's hot right now. If the wind is not blowing, who wants to fight the gnats to work for small trout skating across the surface, when you can go to the rigs in Breton Sound. No bugs and tons of ravenous sheepshead and bullreds. Still plenty trout in the marsh, but why fight it when the easy thing is just waiting for you out there. Besides, they eat way better than any worm filled trout or even a redfish any day. Not that on a good day right now, I couldn't put you on some pig trout on the outer edges. The trout are there if you want, but right now a lot of our customers only come down or book right now because the action out there is unreal. Best part is they only have to catch them and enjoy eating them since I am doing the hard part, cleaning them. It's a labor of love this time of year.

Do you want non stop action? Do you want to catch big hard fighting fish? Do you want to tangle with some trophy redfish? Now through April is prime time. Let me do the hard part and you and your group get to have a blast and go home with plenty of great eats. I have some open dates if anyone wants to load the boat with reds and heads.

Capt. Rory Rorison
United Charters
Shell Beach, LA