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Habitat Improvements for Better Wildlife

February and March are great times of the year to do wildlife Habitat improvements on your hunting land. Most hunting seasons are over, and the weather is still cold or cool, hardly any bugs or snakes out moving around, and you can really see what your habitat looks like at its lowest point of the year.
Every year on my place we try and make 2-4 spots each the size of a football field where we hinge cut unwanted trees or areas where the trees are too thick to produce quality timber. This gives us a two-fold return, one we get some great wildlife habitat and second, it’s giving us TSI (Timber Stand Improvement) which equals a better timber stand for future logging operations.
In this case we are really wanting to take areas that have lost the natural vegetation growth due to heavy tree canopy and open the forest floor for better food and cover for the deer herd and turkey flock.
In five years of doing this we have documented the deer and turkeys have flourished. The neat part is it takes very little money and most landowners will agree to this effort if you present a solid plan to them.
This is only one of the tools we have implemented on the property but goes a long way to improve the hunting and wildlife living in and around the property. The key is to make our property more appealing to deer and turkeys so they will stay longer then on the neighboring property’s.
The pictures on this report show what the area looked like before we started and then after we completed the TSI. We had two chainsaws going with one person cutting and one person pushing and spent approximately one hour to complete an area the size of a football field, leaving only the best quality trees standing.
It was a great time to bring the kids and teach them the importance of quality habitat and what it takes to keep a good healthy deer herd. I will post more pics of this area as spring and summer growth occurs. I also plan to put out a few trail cameras to capture wildlife use in this area.