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Social Distanceing in Shell Beach

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Non stop bull red kind of day.
Re: Social Distanceing in Shell Beach
Capt Rory,You would get a kick outta my shenanigans today!!Wifey and I started our fishing trip at Trestles,water filthy but did see on relatively recent HydroCoast Map dat the extreme NShore of Lady P does have a hint of salinity to her and we were social distancing,met a fine gent trolling de Trestles,in vain,and he mentioned to us dat there might be some specks lurking in Eden Isles Canal System,funny thing is I had just caught one behind a fine home and the homeowner happened to come out right after I boxed a nice(too bad solo)speck and I joked with her about my idea of 'solitary confinement' and when I joked about coughing on anyone dat got too close,she abruptly went back inside her house!!!Great idea-social distancing via fishing.Good news for our family is that we raise chickens,older son has plenty of farm-fresh eggs and we have the beginnings of incredible vegetable gardens and do happen to have two rather large hogs,just in case food supplies get scarce!!!Good fishing in T-Funky supplies us with fine sac a lait and lately Lady P been giving up a few nice specks and IF Spillway does NOT get opened,might be in store for nice Spring Speck run,so close to home!!!