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Social Distancing and Chance Meeting T Funky 3 18 2020

Had some time on my hands and jokingly mentioned to Capt Rory dat fishing either solo or with a few close friends constitutes my idea of 'social distancing'!!Me and a Medicare Client launched at 4th St in Ole Landing area and we met gent at launch and gave him great spot to try for lunker bass(not sure if he found it but we definitely did!)and started our trip with ultra-light spinning gear,lotta fun sticking T-Funky chunks on ultra-light!!Started our trip today in exact spot where older son and I ended our Saturday evening trip and it took me all of about 4 casts to net a small bass and chunk,field-guestimated at 2 lbs(later on digital shade over 2 lbs)and we both were tossing fine minnow-imitation lures I picked up at either Bass Pro or Academy.Decided to try a shade S of our first spot and we ran into gent we gave tip to and think he was seeking slabs,not a bad idea.Tried a known slab slough but water a tad too stained for my liking so we headed to spot where older son schooled me,deep-jigging and we actually ran into Jeff Bruhl and Todd Masson and Jeff said they had a few 'white perch' and me and my buddy laughed as we always call em sac a lait.What is cool was dat I kidded with dem about the T-Funky chunk I had on ice,telling em I caught it in my 'Secret Spot' and at the time,my buddy was somewhat perplexed as to why I did not give em better description of where the chunk came from.Once I told him about You Tube videos that NEVER give even the slightest indication of where these folks are,he realized why I said what I said.I have had a buddy tell me he was approached to have videos made of some incredible fish he is on and he politely declined,not a chance in the world would this gent want folks knowing where he fishes and a certain individual makes it a habit to put out You Tube videos never giving the slightest indication of where he fishes but wants to know where this gent fishes and even go so far as to ask if he can join and video-makes no sense to me and absolutely glad my buddy in de Parish politely declined(he knows some incredible spots dat folks would die to know)!!!Had a blast today and we ended up with 4 nice bass and each of us caught sac a lait that were each over .5 lb,not bad fish,mine came deep-jigging and his came on small spinner bait!!!Hope the gent we met early this am found a few,think he said his name is 'Logan'

Mandevillian,loving social distancing via fishing trips!
Re: Social Distancing and Chance Meeting T Funky 3 18 2020
Just confirmed with GB3,we taking his boat tomorrow and will show him some promising spots,including incredible bass 'magnet' where I stuck a 4.6 lb and 3.4 lb bass and had both dem bad fish mounted!!!Hope to find some fine T-Funky slabs tomorrow,in addition to some 'chunks'.Will post our results and hope fish decide to cooperate!!