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Nuck and Futz Hits Lady P and Bayou Liberty 3 21 2020

Everyone getting more than their share of CoVid 19 overload and de Nuck and Futz duo wanted to check out not only the Trestles but also the fine areas N of the Bayou Liberty Marina.Started our trip at Bayou Liberty Marina,headed to Trestles where the water looked about like MS River and seemed like waste of time so we moseyed over to Eden Isles Canals,water much better looking and I lost fine Lunker City Shaker,Limetruese,to big ole snag and decided to tie on Salt Water Assasin,Sea Shad in Chicken on a Chain and with the chartreuse tail,coupled with ultra-fine Lunker City 3/8 jig head(chartreuse)was cool watching lure do its thing through decent water.Nabbed decent speck dat hit like a bass and dat was it for the section of Eden Isles Canals that we worked.Headed back to Liberty and tried near intersection of Liberty and Bonfouca but water not looking too promising and we decided to head to area a guy suggested this past Tues,N of launch.Found gorgeous set of dead-end canals and Nuck was using fine Slab Daddy Ultra-light spinning combo popping soft plastic under cork with Crappie Psychic trailer(chartreuse-not a doggone taker)and I was tight-lining fine Spoiler Shad Minnie-minnows,perhaps best-looking minnow imitation out there-bet their bigger versions encite a riot in speck community,intend to find out soon.While tight-lining,missed a few and finally set hook on decent sac a lait and later set hook on freshwater catfish and we emerged with exactly three fish-speck,sac a lait,catfish(think channel catfish,not much bigger blue).Hope to hit T-Funky tomorrow and sent text to fishing buddy advising dat Trestles tomorrow probably big ole waste of time,unless by a miracle,waters clear up!!