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T-Funky Trip 3 22 2020

Had awesome window of opportunity(Wifey and I very devout Catholics-taking advantage of Church hiatus)and gotta hand it to Wifey,she is the absolute best,though she is getting a tad tired of hubby fishing so much(getting plenty of social distancing in plus getting some fine meat for de table-sac a lait might just be best-tasting fish on de Planet) and might be starting to stock-pile fish carcasses for Honey Island mini-lobster trips!!Launched very early at what has long been my favorite jumping-off spot for T-Funky,Three Rivers Launch.Only had two other tow vehicles parked out there,great sign and started trip at fish magnet that ALWAYS produces quality fish and today was NO exception,even told a few folks EXACTLY where this fine and ultra-reliable spot is.How dat for being un-selfish,totally opposite certain individual who LOVES video-taping and showing fishing trips with ABSOLUTELY no indication of even where this certain individual launches.That is fine with me but lotta folks have gotten back to me advising that these videos are TOTALLY USELESS!!Enough ranting from me-had lotta fun today and first spot produced bunch of sac a lait and perch,only problem was only one sac a lait worthy of taking home-moseyed down to nice deep hole where I spotted another gent about 3-4 years ago way-laying bunch of slabs and today dat spot produced 4 nice sac a lait,Spoiler Shad in Blue tight-lined was de ticket all day!!Bee-bopped around chatting with a few folks enjoying their versions of 'social distancing' and I managed to head down T-Funky quite a ways and did not nab another fish in Main T-Funky(lotta boat traffic had lot to do with dat,no big deal,everyone got a right to enjoy the beauty and serenity of T-Funky).Did manage a few more fish,two decent channel cats and was getting in touch with Wifey who thankfully told me I had a nice yard pass and please catch a few more and not long after was tight-lining Spoiler Shad,Blue with pink Crappie Psychic and felt chunk hit lure and was more than happy to show off chunk and even tell folks dat were nearby not exact spot but pretty damn close,again,how dat for being un-selfish!!!The way I look at it,plenty of spots,plenty of sac a lait and this chunk was tad over 1lb,1.05 to be exact!!Gonna take short hiatus and taking Medicare Client this Wed and actually got in touch with prospective Medicare Client,compliments of referral from ACA(Obamacare)Client who is a sweetheart!!Again,feel truly blessed to have Wifey allow hubby plenty of 'social distancing' and love dem sac a lait,especially those approaching and exceeding a lb!!!