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Solo T Funky Trip 4 2 2020

Finally got a chance to get back to my favorite stretch of T Funky this am,trouble was in my infinite wisdom,forgot doggone bag of ice(16 lbs-$1.75,quite the deal)and I realized it about 3/4 of way to Three Rivers Launch.Not a major ordeal as I knew I would locate a convenience store,hopefully open and Shell near Claiborne Hill fit de bill.Launched very early and got to my sac a lait magnet,tried my tried-and-true Spoiler Shad,Crappie Psychic pink trailer attached and got nice slab,followed by beast that I guesstimated at about 1.5 lb(14 inches long and fat as a pig-1.3 at home on digital-my biggest to date)and one more hit box then lock jaw hit em and I searched and searched,watched two fishermen toss orange marker buoy out(nuttin gets past de eagle-eyed Mandevillian)and I chatted with em,after watching em box quite a few and showed em my chunk.One guessed at about a lb and quickly told em had a few at home over 1 lb and this was substantially bigger!!Had lotta fun,shot a few docks and one gent saw me make exactly one cast under dock and pull out solo slab,too bad dat dock not loaded up.Think spawn may be winding down,though every sac a lait laden with roe!!!Hope to keep getting bigger and bigger slabs and my pattern has been slab over 1 lb each trip.Showed Sheriff's Deputies in nice boat slab and they commented on how big de beast was.Did my obligatory run up Bogue Falaya,found my deeper spots,tossed fine Abys deep-diving crankbait(dat lil gem will dive 18 ft).Gonna try it in much deeper coves in T-Funky.Ended trip with 5 sac a lait and released 3 bass to fight another day!!Tried popper,had one huge blow-up,not a hook-up,tried squarebill,lost doggone fine lure to underwater obstruction and did toss June Bug Red Zoom Speed Worm and watched few tiny bass chase it.Water in Bogue Falaya no where near as clear as Main T-Funky.Might take older son and grandson tomorrow afternoon.