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Relatively Tranquil T Funky 4 4 2020

Had older son and grandson rearing to hit my favorite stretch of T-Funky this am and we did not launch quite as early as I typically do but still managed 4 sac a lait and catfish,all coming from same spot,my fish magnet!!Tossed variety of colors of Spoiler Shad at dem slabs and do not think color made much of a difference.Did nab two small goggle-eyes,always amazed at size of mouth on those lil rascals and we only saw one other boater at 3 Rivers Rd Launch when we launched.Was fairly quiet today on T-Funky,not sure what to attribute dat to but definitely not complaining.Ole GrandDad forgot push-button Zebco for grandson and he is only 3 and not yet adept at casting microlight spinning reels,my favorite weapon for deep-jigging slabs.Fished for maybe 2.5 hrs and have lotta gardening work to tend to-might return tomorrow,solo,and about 30 minutes earlier.Know a few deep spots for jigging but we were not interested in staying much longer than about what we stayed today,shade over 2.5 hrs.Typically find a few beasts at first spot then start the search for schooling fish and so far have not found stacked-up sac a lait,just matter of time before I utilize orange marker buoy!!Did shoot nice boat dock,nab fine sac a lait hiding under dock and went to hand spinning reel to grandson but dogone slab spit hook right as I was handing him reel!!Chatted with gent at Harbor Freight after trip,was getting more 5 gallon buckets for container garden and he asked about today's T-Funky trip.He and I lamenting Spillway Opening!!