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T Funky Trip Today 4 7 2020

Guess the fish magnet slowly getting de-polarized as we saw much less activity today vs last time I fished T-Funky,starting ALL trips at fish magnet(why not as first spot has NEVER failed to yield at least a fine sac a lait or two).Took older son and grandson for what I was hoping would be epic trip,was armed with plenty of fine Spoiler Shad,using mainly blue with white or pink Crappie Psychic Trailers and first spot(fish magnet)again produced fish,this time nice sac a lait and much smaller specimen dat got released to fight again and grow a tad!!I tried Rapala Pumkinseed Perch crankbait at fish magnet but saw little to no activity there(think full moon had em feeding voraciously late last night-bet hitting fish magnet around 11 would be killer).Quickly switched over to Spoiler Shad,blue,with white Crappie Psychic trailer and missed a few and landed small guy that we released and showed son and grandson exact spot where this past Sunday,jigging for sac a lait with ultra-light spinning gear,nabbed personal best 5.02lb bass and today dat spot yielded fine and fat bass to go along with another jigged from out under boat dock.Did make obligatory run up to Bogue Falaya where we chatted with two young guys in yaks,told one of them about the 3lb Kentucky I caught that way and one of dem stated that he was gonna seek a 4 lb Kentucky(not exactly sure but heard state record was caught out that way-not a surprise as they love sandy rivers with good flow to em)Tried Rapala Pumkinseed Perch crankbait but no takers and older son jigged with Spoiler Shad and grandson tossed June Bug Red Zoom Speed Worm with no takers!!Cut our trip short as older son has egg deliveries to make and I have tons of gardening work to tend to(after decent hibernation nap)!!!Think full moon doomed us but will keep on keeping on and want to nab a few more slabs before too long.Love my T-Funky,she is so fine!!