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Tuff Day on de T Funky 4 10 2020

Older son informed me last night that he was worn out(me too)from lotta gardening and yard work and I decided to go ole-school today launching Chapman pirogue at 3 Rivers Rd Launch very early and surprisingly saw a tow vehicle already launched(was hoping dey were not camped out on fish magnet-luckily no one anywhere near fish magnet today or ever!!).First spot,fish magnet did NOT fail me but it was looking bleak as we gotta lotta rain and fairly high winds last night and T-Funky was a tad funky with lotta debris floating around and I also thought today was gonna be first day magnet did NOT produce.Saw lotta gar activity and tossed and tossed Blue Spoiler Shad with Pink Crappie Psychic trailer in tow and finally nabbed fat and sassy sac a lait(possibly lure fatigue taking place,much like in salt water)and switched over to Slab Runner,picked up weedless?? version at Gus' just this past Wed(blue and chartreuse with wire weed guards-did NOT prevent snagging and loss of fine lure).Was deep-jigging Slab Runner and felt chunk hit it,set hook and watched nice slab spit hook right at pirogue!!!Did the obligatory dock-shooting,nada to show for it,chattted with a few fishermen and went to a few fine sloughs that have always produced slabs but nada today.Did chat with gent who said he nabbed bunch of fine slabs last night(hint,hint,how much more of a hint do I need!!)Right before tossing I towel chatted with two bassers in fine decked-out bass boat and told em bout the 5.02 T-Funk chunk headed to Sonny Miller Taxidermy tomorrow and told em bout the serious slab I nabbed same day Tony Taylor and his fishing buddy video-taped nice slab trip,using fine electronics-hope my Lowrance finds its way back in my hands pronto.Did catch tiny bass no bigger than the plugs I often toss at bass!!!Nice day to be out on T-Funky but nada to show,other than nice sac a lait my grandson proudly showing off.He loves to watch his Paw Paw clean sac a lait,bass,reds,etc and loves to see what dey been chowing on!!!Boy gonna be serious fisherman and is only 3 years old and casts very well with his numerous Zebco push-button reels,gonna teach him how to toss baitcaster but gonna take some time,no doubt!!Next up for him would be mastering spinning gear,so essential in slab fishing.Think next trip gonna be with older son and grandson and most likely evening haul!!!Happy Easter!!