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Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach

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Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach. Gary, Richard, and Paul jumped on the Blazer Bay and we took off in search of some speckled trout. Armed with Campo’s live shrimp we hit the Sound in nice conditions. We got on a good bite at our first stop, but it was short lived. From there we bounced around a few spots waiting on the tide to flip. The guys ground it out and ended up putting 75 trout and a red on ice.

Spring is here and the trout bite is getting better every day. There is still excellent action on big bull reds and sheepshead if you just want to tangle with some really big fish, along with plenty of fish in the marsh on windy days. Call now to book your trip of a lifetime. Overnight accommodations on the bayou are available.

All fish in the Suzuki powered Blazer Bay 2400 were caught with Campo’s live shrimp under a 4-Horsemen cork on Capt. Rory's United Charters custom rods provided by CUI Products with Penn reels, spooled with KastKing line. All fish removed and boxed with the one and only Jus Grab it Glove.

Capt. Rory Rorison
United Charters
Shell Beach, LA
Instagram capt._rory_rorison
Re: Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach
Thanks for the Shell Beach update,Capt Rory.One of my Medicare clients called today letting me know he was planning a Hopedale trip this week end(hate week end trips but think weather gonna be prime Sat).He tends to wanna toss livies at dem fish and I like my soft plastics!!!Hope ya staying safe and SOUND(pun intended)and once again thanks for fine fishing report!!I was having carb/carbs issue with my ole gal and think my remedy of SeaFoam/Gum Out and running about half-gallon of SeaFoam/non-ethanol mix,along with 2-stroke oil was de medicine de ole gal needed-she is back up and screaming mad at dem fish!!!Hope to be getting in finely-detailed open pour aluminum mold(3.5 inch)soon and will be toying with bunch of soft plastic swimbaits,love custom-made gear,much more rewarding catching fish on something dat CAN'T be bought either locally or on-line!!