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Sight Casting Little Reds

It was a nice and peaceful morning in Delacroix. Blind casted for a little while with no success. I pulled up close to a pond and heard bait being chased down. I didn’t see any tails but I could see larger silhouettes chasing small schools of minnows. Made a cast into the pond and got a nice little red. Second cast and got the same result. Moved on a ways into a trenasse a nabbed a nice green trout. I moved on again and was blind casting when I spotted another rat coming towards me. I pulled the lure towards him and he bit. It's always exciting to see reds move from a leisurely pace to 100 mph to attack a lure.
Re: Sight Casting Little Reds
Love sight-casting reds and went with a buddy today locally(mouth of Bayou Lacombe)and water had chunks of funky green algae in it but we did find some clear stretches where sight-casting is only about a few tides and good wind conditions away and who knows,specks might be in some of the same areas!!!Had blast catching nice red,first one one Jann's Netcraft spinner bait I put together from neat kit I got from them.Tinkering around with custom-madeone-of-a-kind soft plastics and patiently awaiting receipt of two finely-detailed milled aluminum molds(best kind for many reasons).Want to stick custom soft plastic on jighead of Bomber and see what kinda red riot dat encites!!!Love getting Cajun Sleigh ride via big ole red!!!