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Blue Angels Fly-Over 5 6 2020

Wifey and I were outside,participating in a Humana-sponsored webinar geared toward Veterans Benefits and we knew we might be lucky enough to catch nice glimpse of scheduled Blue Angels fly-over(we live fairly close,as de crow flies,to Lakeview Hospital)and our webinar started at 1:00 pm,had our beloved chocolate lab,Molly,with us as she would not like being inside while Mom and Dad outside,enjoying spectacular weather and perfect view of fly-over!About right on cue,probably around 1:48 pm or so,Molly heard rumble of Blue Angels and stood up and we heard em,then saw em,awesome sight and just as quickly they were gone and I lamented the fact dat I did NOT get pic but good news came not long after as buddy of mine,living in Arlington,Texas,sent me awesome pic that one of his buddies took and here is the pic!!Makes us proud of our front-line folks and we know plenty of em,risking it to keep us safe and sound!!!Hats off to our beloved health-care personnel,whether they are docs,nurses,respiratory therapists,etc and we WILL get through this mess,eventually.